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Research and Development activities inside Cangini is considered essential to the development of the company, pointing through product innovation and production processes to maintain high quality over time and the ability to meet the needs of end-users.
Actually, the user’s satisfaction is the starting point for all our activities.
This objective can be pursued only by remaining in close contact with our customers that, working in a variety of conditions and in different Countries worldwide, have different needs and often give us helpful hints to progress with our products.

With a staff composed by 4 designers, we can satisfy our customers requests and simultaneously improve the performance by introducing new technical solutions arising from a constant market analysis and knowledge of fieldwork, taking always into consideration the safety in the use of our equipment. The implementation of the best working tools is pursued by Cangini both in R&D department and in Production department through the use of equipments to ensure compliance with the high standards required starting from the welding department until final testing to ensure a product matching up with Cangini’s brand.