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a) This website belongs to CANGINI BENNE SRL
b) Access to the website is free of charge.
c) Users are required to register in order to access some services on this website.
d) CANGINI BENNE SRL, in its capacity as administrator of this website, has the sole, absolute right to modify all or some of the contents, images, terms and/or conditions for access to the site without notice, at its own discretion.
e) CANGINI BENNE SRL cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions and for direct or indirect damage which may arise from the use of this site.


a) The total or partial reproduction of this website and/or its contents, by any analogue or digital means, is not permitted without the written consent of the owner of this domain and the brands, images and other authorised contents it contains, in the legal person of CANGINI BENNE SRL.
b) All intellectual and industrial property rights relating to the layout, contents and organisation of the site are the sole property of CANGINI BENNE SRL.
c) All improper and/or unauthorised uses shall constitute an offence under Italian Law 633/41.
d) Partial quotations are permitted for the purposes of news items or reviews, provided they carry the specification “property of CANGINI BENNE SRL”, including the relative URL “”
e) CANGINI BENNE SRL reserves the right to reproduce the texts and contents of this site in other publications and/or programmes.
f) All responsibility for navigation within this site lies with the User.


Any User intending to consult this website accepts that:
a) it is technically impossible to supply a site free from all defects, and under no circumstances shall he hold CANGINI BENNE SRL responsible for anything, even any malfunctions of his computer coinciding with or arising from the viewing and accessing of the pages of this web portal.
b) the Site could be temporarily inaccessible;
c) CANGINI BENNE SRL cannot be held responsible for the material, contents and/or information supplied through this web portal without its own specific consent and/or authorisation, including, and specifically, materials posted by users themselves,
d) CANGINI BENNE SRL cannot be held responsible for the topics discussed by Users and/or their conduct during the use of this website;

The User undertakes:
a) not to use the Site or the material it contains for illegal purposes or for the distribution or publication, in any way, of material or contents intended to lead to actions in breach of the law;
b) not to use the Site in a way which takes all or part of the site offline, damages it or reduces its effectiveness, or is detrimental to the efficacy or functionality of the Site in any way;
c) not to use the Site for the transmission or posting of viruses or any other libellous, offensive, obscene or threatening material, or material which may in any way harm or disturb other Users;
d) not to use the Site in a way which constitutes a breach of the rights of physical or legal persons or companies (including for example, industrial property rights - Italian law 633/41 - or data protection rights – Legislative Decree 196/03); (and) not to use the Site for the transmission of advertising and/or promotional material without the specific, stated authorisation of CANGINI BENNE SRL.
e) in the event that a User wishes to exercise a right, place a claim or bring an action against any other user with regard to the use of the Site, he undertakes to pursue the said right, claim or action independently of and without in any way involving CANGINI BENNE SRL, undertaking hereby to relieve the owner of this site of all damaging effects.
f) CANGINI BENNE SRL does not accept any responsibility for the contents and/or accuracy of contents posted by users (with or without the authorisation of the owner of this domain) which might be considered offensive or defamatory in relation to third parties.
g) however, it reserves the right to remove contents posted if it considers them offensive, unconstructive or vulgar, or for any other reason, at its own absolute discretion, within the shortest possible time.
h) it does not undertake any responsibility for the contents of images, and cannot be held responsible for images which are found to be offensive or harmful to the images of third parties.
i) in all cases, it reserves the right to supply the email addresses of authors and their IP addresses in the event of legal disputes or on the request of the authorities.
j) CANGINI BENNE SRL does not tolerate the improper creation of users for the sole purpose of posting slanderous and offensive content.
k) CANGINI BENNE SRL reserves the right to cancel any such users and remove the contents they have posted.


1) Data are used in accordance with the current Italian data protection law, Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003;
2) CANGINI BENNE SRL acquires and uses data for the following purposes:
- user registration / creation of personal accounts
- warranty and before- and after-sales service;
- sales;
- marketing and advertising;
- dispatch of informative and promotional material;
- statistical analyses for marketing purposes;
- monitoring of the level of customer satisfaction
- invitations to informative or promotional events
1) Data will be used for the aforesaid purposes by both automated and non-automated means and in accordance with the legal requirements with regard to confidentiality and security.
2) Data may be used, on behalf of CANGINI BENNE SRL, by employees, professionals or those mandated to provide specific processing services or activities complementary to those of CANGINI BENNE itself, or procedures necessary for the performance of the operations and services described above.
1) The provision of data is absolutely optional.
2) The only consequence of a decision not to provide data is the inability to benefit from the services offered by CANGINI BENNE SRL.
The Data Controller is the data controller at CANGINI BENNE SRL.


a) All rights to this site and every single part of it are the sole property of CANGINI BENNE SRL.
b) This site contains materials and information relating - but not limited - to photographs, illustrations, texts, video clips and audio clips protected by copyright and/or other industrial and intellectual property rights, and therefore the sole right to reproduce, transcribe, distribute, circulate or translate the aforesaid materials and information, and to use them for economic, financial or commercial purposes, is reserved solely to CANGINI BENNE SRL and any third parties holding its authorisation. Therefore, the aforesaid materials and information or parts of the same may not be downloaded, reproduced, transcribed, electronically dispatched or used in any form or in any way for economic, financial or commercial purposes without the written authorisation of CANGINI BENNE SRL.
c) The material on this site may only be downloaded or copied for private, personal use, with the prior authorisation of the owner.
d) The CANGINI BENNE SRL name and brand, and all proprietary brands/symbols which appear on the site, may not be used as brands or logos, or deposited or registered in any form or way without the written authorisation of CANGINI BENNE SRL.


a) Unless otherwise stated, all brands which appear on the site, including all brands, logos and corporate symbols, are protected by business rights and trademarks registered in the names of their legitimate owners.


a) Any information which the User sends to CANGINI BENNE SRL through the site, including, but not limited to, messages, suggestions, ideas and creative proposals, designs, suggestions, data of any kind, and the results of sales and marketing surveys (“Information Submitted”) shall be considered to be non-confidential.
b) The transmission of any Information Submitted shall be considered to constitute an irrevocable free transfer from the User to CANGINI BENNE SRL of all rights to the Information held by the User. Thus CANGINI BENNE SRL shall be able to use the Information, or parts of the same, in any form and any way, and shall therefore not be obliged to: (I) treat the Information Submitted as confidential (II) pay fees for the use of the Information Submitted in any form and any way.
c) The User guarantees that the transfer of the Information Submitted to CANGINI BENNE SRL and the use of the same by CANGINI BENNE SRL does not in any way, in whole or in part, breach the rights of third parties, including but not limited to intellectual and industrial property rights, personality rights and property rights, and does not constitute a breach of industrial or business confidentiality obligations.
d) All responsibility concerning the contents of the Information Submitted shall thus lie with the User who submitted it; in particular, the User undertakes to relieve CANGINI BENNE SRL of any claims from third parties with regard to rights of any type and kind over the Information submitted.


a) The Conditions as stated in this disclaimer are regulated solely by Italian law (“Applicable Law”). Any disputes relating to these Conditions and the use of the Site shall be regulated by the Applicable Law and jurisdiction shall lie solely with the CESENA section of the Forlì Law Court (which thus has “Legal Jurisdiction”). The use of this site implies acceptance of the Applicable Law and Legal Jurisdiction.


a) The partial invalidity of the Conditions or the invalidity of individual clauses or parts of the same shall not cause the invalidity of the Conditions as a whole; the invalid clauses or parts will be replaced as of right by binding legal requirements.
b) The reuse of this disclaimer, even for the intended purposes of the same, without the necessary authorisation will be prosecuted under art. 171 (2) and following points of the Italian copyright law no. 633/41.


Art. 13 of the Italian data protection law (Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30/06/2003) requires the data subject to be informed about the fundamental aspects of the use of the data as specified in subsection 1, points (a) to (f) of the said article. The undersigned Cangini Benne SRL discharges its obligation under this legislation by informing you that:

A1) data are acquired for the following purposes: performance of obligations deriving from a contract to which you are a party, or the fulfilment of your specific requests prior to the implementation of the contract; fulfilment of obligations under laws, regulations and EU directives; customer management (customer accounts; management of contracts, orders, shipments and invoices; monitoring of customers’ reliability and solvency); management of suppliers (supplier accounts; management of contracts, orders, deliveries and invoices; selection of suppliers in relation to the company's needs); management of disputes (breaches of contract; formal warnings; settlements; credit recovery; arbitration; law suits); performance of market surveys; dispatch of advertising material; promotional activities;

A2) for the purposes stated above, personal data are used with the aid of paper, IT and computerised media in a manner which assures you of the security and confidentiality of your data, and full compliance with legal obligations;

A3) this information is issued with regard to data: acquired directly from the data subject (art. 13 (1)); acquired from third parties (art. 13 (4)); received from public records, lists, deeds or documents in the public domain (art. 24 (c) (c)), within the limits and by the procedures established by the regulations governing access to the same;

B) the provision of data is: compulsory under laws, regulations and EU directives; essential for the capability to effectively fulfil our contractual obligations; optional for the purposes of: performance of market surveys; dispatch of advertising material; promotional activities;

C) any refusal to reply on your part will make it impossible for us to: fulfil the contract; effectively fulfil our contractual obligations; perform market surveys; dispatch advertising material; perform promotional activities

D1) the aforesaid data: may be disclosed to the categories of subjects listed below: post office or other couriers; banks and credit institutions; credit recovery companies; law firms; insurance companies; IT equipment maintenance/repair companies; professional firms and/or companies and/or business associations which provide us with specific accounting and/or fiscal services, our associated companies, etc.; all those concerned in the context of the employment contract; will not be disclosed.

D2) the data may come to the knowledge of: the company’s directors; its general offices; those assigned to maintain and/or repair IT equipment; those appointed to conduct surveys and deliver services; accounting and billing staff; staff assigned to the sale of goods/services; those appointed to survey the satisfaction of customers, users and subscribers; agents and representatives; self-employed workers and temporary and occasional staff;

E) under art. 7 of the Italian Data Protection Law, in addition to the information provided here, you are entitled: to receive intelligible confirmation, free of charge, of whether or not your data are held on our premises; to have the data updated, corrected or supplemented or frozen/deleted in the event of a breach of the law or if there is no longer any need to conserve them; to refuse to allow the use of your data on just grounds, or their use for the dispatch of advertising material, mail order sales material, market surveys and business communications;

F) the data controller is the undersigned Cangini Benne SRL with place of business in Sarsina, via Savio 29/31. The data trustee is Nadia Olivieri, contact for the exercise of the rights envisaged by art. 7 of the Data Protection Law, who can be contacted at our offices at via Savio 29/31 Sarsina (Forlì-Cesena, Italy).

We thank you in advance for your attention to this disclaimer; please do not hesitate to contact us for any further requirements.